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Mobius Materials
2 min readOct 31, 2022

Mobius Materials and Gusist Sourcing Agency


Mobius Materials, a marketplace for excess electronic components, and Gusist, a sourcing agency providing clients with complete logistics solutions, today announce a strategic partnership. With the support and network of Gusist, Mobius will expand its marketplace to include European and Chinese electronics manufacturers.

Mobius helps electronic manufacturers easily sell excess semiconductor inventory. For buyers, the company has the rarest stock in the world, all of which comes with an authenticity guarantee. Through the commerce of authenticated excess parts, Mobius brings leftover stock destined for landfill back to the supply chain, contributing to a circular economy in the electronics industry. Manufacturers with excess parts recoup projected losses and buyers obtain hard-to-find ICs at cost-effective prices.

As a sourcing agency based in the Netherlands, Gusist assists companies setting up supply chain in China; therefore, it has accumulated a considerable network of trusted suppliers in both Europe and China.

Partnering with Gusist is an important step in global expansion for Mobius. International manufacturers joining the Mobius platform will increase its efficiency as a marketplace in matching the demand (shortage) with the supply (excess) of chips.

For Gusist, Mobius can serve as a foothold in the tech industry. Each led by an environmentally-focused, female founder, the companies are afforded the opportunity to further a circular economy by bringing manufacturers’ leftover chips from landfill back to supply chain via the Mobius platform.

About the Founders


Margaret Upshur, CEO, brings 10 years of experience in electronics to the partnership. First working as an engineer, then as the operations leader at an IOT module company in Silicon Valley, Margaret has brought over 170 electronics products to market and built supply chains in Africa, North America and Asia. She experienced firsthand the challenge of reselling and sourcing parts from the spot market and founded Mobius to create a seamless experience for others.


Yunfei was born in a Chinese family that has been involved in manufacturing & exporting for 30 years. She has studied and worked in the Netherlands since 2014. With a passion for circular economics, Yunfei has taken multiple roles to facilitate the collaboration between Europe and China and will bring this expertise to Mobius and the semiconductor industry.



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